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Technical Threat Intelligence Analytics: What and How to Visualize for Analytic Process

R. Damasevicus, J. Toldinas, A. Venckauskas, S. Grigaliunas, N. Morkevicius


Visual Analytics uses data visualization techniques for enabling compelling data analysis by engaging graphical and visual portrayal. In the domain of cybersecurity, convincing visual representation of data enables to ascertain valuable observations that allow the domain experts to construct efficient cyberattack mitigation strategies and provide useful decision support. We present a survey of visual analytics tools and methods in the domain of cybersecurity. We explore and discuss Technical Threat Intelligence visualization tools using the Five Question Method. We conclude the analysis of the works using Moody’s Physics of Notations, and VIS4ML ontology as a methodological background of visual analytics process. We summarize our analysis as a high-level model of visual analytics for cybersecurity threat analysis.

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