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A compilation of SPARTA podcasts to learn more about the SPARTA project and its participants

Ep.6 - Special series: An Insiders View of Where Cybersecurity Meets Pandemic


Cybersecurity is akin to the COVID-19 pandemic in the impact that could take place due to a breach or outbreak. Shutdown, loss of commerce and public fear are just a few of the effects both a pandemic and a large scale cyber attack could yield. In this series we will look at the intersection of those two vulnerable sectors of our society and what is being done on the cybersecurity side to keep things running safely and securely.

In this podcast we speak with Rayna Stamboliyska remotely from her home office in Paris. She is the V.P. of Governance and Public Affairs at Yes We Hack which is Europe’s first bug bounty platform. Relax, these are the goodhackers.

Yes We Hack is a network of over 15,000 ethical hackersfrom around the world who look for vulnerabilities in the cybersystems of organizations and then makes recommendations on how to fix them. Yes We Hack has a partnership role in SPARTA but also lately they have become quite active with remediation methods for COVID-19 in the way of auditing security in contacttracing software.