SPARTA DAY #4: Together for European Strategic Autonomy

7th Sep 2020
The 4th edition of the SPARTA Days will happen on the 10th September, 9H30 CET, on the 5th IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy! The event will be held online, a link to join will be sent later. Registrations to EuroS&P are not necessary not join this specific event. If you are interested in the rest of the Euro S&P symposium, the registrations are done through this link:

“Together for the European Strategic Autonomy...
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Gender & Diversity Breakfast Webinars

3rd Sep 2020
INESC HUB is promoting the Gender & Diversity Breakfast Webinar discussions, where SPARTA will be represented

Are gender & diversity key for the future direction and sustainability of research and innovation? What are the best practices around RTO’s in Europe? This and other questions will be discussed at the Gender and Diversity Breakfast Webinars on the 8,9, and 11 of September.

Sara Ricci, a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Brno University of Technology will represent SPARTA and ...
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YesWeHack achieves a near-parity

27th Aug 2020
Rayna Stamboliyska, the Vice President of Governance & Public Affairs at Yes We Hack, speaks at Jaxenter on the women underrepresentation in the tech sector. Jaxenter launched a diversity series aimed at bringing the most inspirational and powerful women in the tech scene to your attention.

Learn more about diversity and ways to attract more #WomenInTech with Rayna:

“when addressing a minority problem through the only angle of gender, we also single out women. What we do is say “look, ...
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EU imposes the first ever sanctions against cyberattacks

25th Aug 2020
EU imposes the first ever sanctions against cyberattacks. Based on the Cyber Diplomacy Toolbox and its principles, the decision is an important step forward to face emerging security threats in cyberspace at the EU level 🇪🇺👉

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The French National Pilot Committee for Digital Ethics publishes “Ethics Reflections and warning points on digital ethics issues in situations of acute health crisis”

16th Jul 2020
Especially in a context of cybersecurity and privacy, many of us are on some level concerned with ethic issues that arise from digital technologies. Whereas ethical deliberations typically require a long-term process, in times of crisis immediate ethical issues arise. The French National Pilot Committee for Digital Ethics reflects on ethical issues in time critical situations, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Besides providing a frame to discuss these issues, it also provides a number of...
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IoT Cybersecurity Moocs on offer in the Inria Learning Lab

16th Jul 2020
The Inria Learning Lab designs MOOCs in computer science and provides its expertise for the creation of pedagogical resources. Closely connected to the Sparta “High-assurance intelligent infrastructure toolkit” (HAII-T), two MOOCS are on offer that help secure IoT infrastructures. Within a series of MOOCS on Privacy Protection, this year’s session is dedicated to privacy protection in complex IoT environments. Additionally, the MOOC “Internet of Things with Microcontrollers: a hands-on course...
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Launch of the CyberSchool Rennes

16th Jul 2020
Sparta partners Inria and IMT are among the founding members of the CyberSchool in Rennes that will kick-off this September, welcoming its first batch of master’s (initial and continuing training) and doctorate students. It is setup to attract the best students, through a prestigious offer of excellence and collaboration with renowned international institutions. These are all assets to cultivate Rennes’ excellence in cybersecurity and allow CyberSchool to count itself among the most complete ...
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SPARTA DAY & Brokerage Event

10th Jul 2020
The SPARTA project, as Pilot of the European Union’s Cybersecurity Competence Network, has organized its SPARTA Day and brokerage event to present its first year’s results and ease cooperation among the SPARTA partners, associate and friends (i.e. the SPARTA partnership currently with more than 120 organizations involved).

The SPARTA event featured key project achievements, including project publications and deliverables. SPARTA focuses on improving cybersecurity R&I in Europe by creatin...
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Partnership: Brokerage Event

9th Jun 2020
SPARTA invites all to its SPARTA (Remote) Day & Brokerage Event. The SPARTA (Remote) Day will be held online on the morning of 22nd June from 9h30 to 13h. This event will show a quick overview of SPARTA Partnership, Programs and Roadmap.

The afternoon of 22nd June will be the first SPARTA Brokerage Event. It will be open to SPARTA Partners, Associates and Friends and will showcase presentations from SPARTA Associates as well as a concrete brokerage event. The brokerage event should be ...
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The Road after SPARTA DAY #3

25th May 2020
One of the main goals of the Roadmap Committee is to develop and implement a common European cybersecurity research and innovation (R&I) roadmap.

The roadmap received a positive review during the SPARTA Days in Brussels. Generally, the review has evaluated SPARTA’s efforts to become the main guideline for European decision-makers and the European Commission (EC) with regard to defining and supporting future projects and investments in cybersecurity. Our vision of this guideline embodies ...
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