Threat analysis and model developed in SPARTA SAFAIR Program

19th Jan 2021
The current adoption of AI in computer-based systems and indications of its future ubiquitous presence increase the need for identification of threats against AI systems, such as attacks to availability of those systems or to data integrity.  The SPARTA SAFAIR program aims to ensure trustworthiness of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, including security, privacy, and reliability. For a better comprehension and knowledge of the threats, the first task of the program is to design and develo...
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Ethical dilemmas related to cybersecurity

10th Dec 2020
Authors: Pawlicka A., Pawlicki M., Choras M. (ITTI, Poznan, Poland)

Cybersecurity is the opposite of cybercrime; it deals with protecting people, their money and data. Despite being an undoubtedly positive thing, it causes some major concerns of ethical nature, which emerge and develop along with the development of cyberspace and online services.

Years ago, when cyberspace and the Internet had just started to gain their immense popularity, the main ethical dilemmas mostly concerned the broa...
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Innovation governance based on the diversity of factors that Shaped the Development of the SPARTA T-SHARK Program

22nd Nov 2020
T-SHARK aims to develop and validate methodological, organisational and technological solutions, thereby extending cybersecurity in order to achieve a comprehensive organisation of security functions that focus on threat prediction and full-spectrum cybersecurity awareness, providing high situational awareness and timely warning of threats.  Significantly, T-SHARK and 19 of its partners have focused their primary efforts on the question of delivering full-spectrum cybersecurity awareness with...
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New arenas for collaboration: EU-HYBNET and T-Shark

28th Oct 2020
SPARTA T-Shark research programme

The SPARTA consortium is responsible for executing four research programmes that tackle ambitious challenges in cybersecurity, representing major opportunities for enhancing Europe’s strategic autonomy and the Digital Single Market. These programmes account for more than half of the efforts deployed in SPARTA. Although programme leaders have different profiles, all are nevertheless experienced senior experts.

One of the four research programmes, T-Shark (Fu...
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