The Road after SPARTA DAY #3

One of the main goals of the Roadmap Committee is to develop and implement a common European cybersecurity research and innovation (R&I) roadmap.

The roadmap received a positive review during the SPARTA Days in Brussels. Generally, the review has evaluated SPARTA’s efforts to become the main guideline for European decision-makers and the European Commission (EC) with regard to defining and supporting future projects and investments in cybersecurity. Our vision of this guideline embodies ...
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Report on simulation-based competence development around cybersecurity in Europe

As a result of the collaboration between the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) and the Cyber Competence Network we are pleased to present the report on simulation-based competence development around cybersecurity in Europe, based on survey responses received over the course of September and November 2019. The report focuses on how organisations in Europe currently address competence development through simulations, exercises etc. and how to deliver solutions and recommendations bett...
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Ep.5 - SPARTA TALKS 🎙 Everyone matters

In the fifth episode in the SPARTA series, we speak with Ralf Lindner, Head of the Competence Center Policy and Society at Fraunhofer in Germany, Elisabete Carreira from INOV in Portugal, Fabio Martinelli from CNR in Italy and we wrap up with Gabi Dreo from CODE in Germany. Together we look at everyone’s role in ensuring the success of the SPARTA project.

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Ep.4 - SPARTA TALKS 🎙 Reforming cybersecurity in the EU through SPARTA project

In this episode we once again take an in-depth look at the SPARTA project which has been underway for over a year. Listen to project partners Hervé Debar from IMT in Paris and Jan Hajný from the Brno University of Technology. Both speak about their individual roles in reforming cybersecurity in the EU through the SPARTA project.

This project has received funding from the European Union‘s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 830892

More >> Webinar: Free Cybersecurity Training with customised Learning Paths will be helding a Free Cybersecurity Training with customised Learning Paths webinar, on the 22 of April.

“This webinar on 22.04.2020 zooms in on the Capacity Building Platform, a risk-centric, practical approach to cybersecurity, designed to train employees at various levels, from basic knowledge for non-IT staff to vulnerability and threat analysts, all the way up to decision-making IT professionals, such as information security risk managers, heads of informati...
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Governance Principles

The governance choices that SPARTA is experimenting have strived to draw from the state-of-the-art in research and innovation organization, mission-oriented policies, and public procurement management. Governance in SPARTA is described over multiple levels of decision-making, ranging from top-level strategic directions to operational management of tasks.

More than anything, SPARTA advocates for the implementation of self-aware capacities, with honest feedback loops and dynamic features, as a...
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Cooperation Challenges

SPARTA is a 44 partner-wide consortium across 14 countries in Europe and while it brings a wide range of ideas and a important diversity, it also brings cooperation challenges. How does SPARTA solves such challenges? On organisational front, SPARTA is composed of 8 bodies to structure the workload in SPARTA while also facilitation cooperation between different aspect of SPARTA. These bodies are composed of two decision board, the Strategic Direction which coordinates governance and the Execut...
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SPARTA commended as a major initiative for Cybersecurity Research and Innovation

SPARTA was invited to the “Forum International de la Cybersécurité” (FIC) in Lille, end of January to promote its actions as a pilot for the new European Cybersecurity Competence Network. With more than 12 500 participants from all over the globe, FIC is a major event in Cybersecurity and SPARTA managed to communicate its vision to various actors.

A notable event at FIC, was the publication by the French government of the report on “Campus Cyber”, a French initiative to build the French cybe...
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Women in SPARTA

SPARTA has been researching the issues that may be at the backbone of the gender gap faced in the cybersecurity field, striving to understand what could enhance the inclusion and attraction of women into the cybersecurity workforce.

The lack of role models in the industry, related to the lack of visibility of women working in cybersecurity is a real problem. The industry often fails to retain women in cybersecurity workplaces due to its male-dominated environment that it is not inclusive nor...
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The SPARTA Week took place at INESC BRUSSELS HUB, between the 24th and the 27th of February. SPARTA partners met upon a concrete challenge: cooperate to achieve European cybersecurity sovereignty!
SPARTA Week welcomed several meetings where ideas were exchanged, knowledge was shared and new strategies and collaborations emerged with the ultimate purpose of leverage the SPARTA mission.

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