Innovation governance based on the diversity of factors that Shaped the Development of the SPARTA T-SHARK Program

22nd Nov 2020
T-SHARK aims to develop and validate methodological, organisational and technological solutions, thereby extending cybersecurity in order to achieve a comprehensive organisation of security functions that focus on threat prediction and full-spectrum cybersecurity awareness, providing high situational awareness and timely warning of threats.  Significantly, T-SHARK and 19 of its partners have focused their primary efforts on the question of delivering full-spectrum cybersecurity awareness with...
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New arenas for collaboration: EU-HYBNET and T-Shark

28th Oct 2020
SPARTA T-Shark research programme

The SPARTA consortium is responsible for executing four research programmes that tackle ambitious challenges in cybersecurity, representing major opportunities for enhancing Europe’s strategic autonomy and the Digital Single Market. These programmes account for more than half of the efforts deployed in SPARTA. Although programme leaders have different profiles, all are nevertheless experienced senior experts.

One of the four research programmes, T-Shark (Fu...
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Cyber competence development ecosystem started by SPARTA and further explored by REWIRE

19th Oct 2020
A few years ago, the EC launched 4 pilot projects, namely SPARTA, CONCORDIA, ECHO and CyberSec4Europe in an attempt to take a leading role in developing an EU cybersecurity competence ecosystem. These pilot projects bring together more than 160 partners, including large companies, SMEs, universities and cybersecurity research institutes from 26 EU Member States.

The four pilots have been asked to collaborate and coordinate their activities to address the most critical challenges facing EU: i...
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Strategic Research and Innovation Roadmap: A Learning Road

19th Oct 2020
The Roadmap Committee has designed instruments and conducted activities that push the evolution of the SPARTA Strategic Research and Innovation (SRI) roadmap to become the main guideline for decision makers to develop strategies to strengthen the EU’s cybersecurity capacity, to close cyber skill gaps and to address emerging challenges appropriately. With SPARTA’s mission-oriented, agile and open approach, the SPARTA SRI will shape the cybersecurity technologies required to establish and maint...
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CAPE & EclipseCon 2020

14th Oct 2020
EclipseCon 2020

SPARTA will be presenting CAPE program - Continuous assessment in polymorphous environments - at the Research Labs exhibit at the virtual EclipseCon 2020, from 19 to 22 October.

The EclipseCon event is a leading conference for developers, architects, and open source business leaders to learn about Eclipse technologies, share best practices, and more!

For more information, visit

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Review the Internet Festival

14th Oct 2020
From 8 to 11 October, Pisa (Italy) was the stage for the Internet Festival, the event that for ten years has been investigating the web with dozens of international experts, panels, workshops, contests, training activities and cultural events. The National Research Council presented a range of 13 events both in presence and streaming with the involvement of the Institute of Informatics and Telematics (Cnr-Iit), the Institute of Science and Information Technology (Cnr-Isti), the Institute of E...
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CONVERGENCE: Making The European Cybersecurity Competence Network A Reality

13th Oct 2020
The four pilot projects CyberSec4Europe, SPARTA, CONCORDIA and ECHO will gather the European cybersecurity stakeholder community and anyone interested in the future digital security of Europe in one hybrid (online and offline) event: CONVERGENCE!

In a two-day event, we will guide the participants through the progress that is being made in harnessing European expertise and resources in the broader context of the proposed legislation relating to a European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology ...
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SPARTA is working towards a better cybersecurity education

30th Sep 2020
Cybersecurity education is an important and pertinent topic as it plays a major role in mitigating the risks caused by a global shortage of cybersecurity experts. SPARTA team worked in several directions to solve the absence of a comprehensive methodology for program design, decrease the need of cybersecurity study programs, and increase the public awareness regarding procedures and tools for the protection of ICT systems.

First, the development of SPARTA Cybersecurity Skills Framework suppo...
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SPARTA DAY #4: Together for European Strategic Autonomy

7th Sep 2020
The 4th edition of the SPARTA Days will happen on the 10th September, 9H30 CET, on the 5th IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy! The event will be held online, a link to join will be sent later. Registrations to EuroS&P are not necessary not join this specific event. If you are interested in the rest of the Euro S&P symposium, the registrations are done through this link:

“Together for the European Strategic Autonomy...
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Gender & Diversity Breakfast Webinars

3rd Sep 2020
INESC HUB is promoting the Gender & Diversity Breakfast Webinar discussions, where SPARTA will be represented

Are gender & diversity key for the future direction and sustainability of research and innovation? What are the best practices around RTO’s in Europe? This and other questions will be discussed at the Gender and Diversity Breakfast Webinars on the 8,9, and 11 of September.

Sara Ricci, a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Brno University of Technology will represent SPARTA and ...
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