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YesWeHack achieves a near-parity

27th Aug 2020

Rayna Stamboliyska, the Vice President of Governance & Public Affairs at Yes We Hack, speaks at Jaxenter on the women underrepresentation in the tech sector. Jaxenter launched a diversity series aimed at bringing the most inspirational and powerful women in the tech scene to your attention.

Learn more about diversity and ways to attract more #WomenInTech with Rayna:

“when addressing a minority problem through the only angle of gender, we also single out women. What we do is say “look, we need to hire more women because they need help, they need saving from their biological condition”. This is not true. We need equal pay, comparable durations of parental leaves, comparable career opportunities, etc. we need to be treated like regular human beings, not included in quotas. Those are a sort of positive discrimination and can be toxic. Am I hired because of my expertise or because I am a woman and the company needed to increase female presence? Telling women that they don’t need advanced knowledge or expertise the same way men do is not acceptable neither: we should not promote lower quality professional requirements just to get a given gender on board.”

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