An ambitious roadmap

  • SPARTA establishes a strategic research and innovation roadmap to stimulate the development and deployment of key technologies in cybersecurity and to retain digital sovereignty and autonomy of the European¬†industries.
  • SPARTA Roadmap serves as common ground for the alignment of research, education and certification¬†priorities of the European Cybersecurity Competence Network.

Emerging challenges

SPARTA roadmap also contains an open-ended list of emerging challenges. For the first version of the roadmap this list includes User-Centric data Governance, Autonomous Security for Self-Protected Systems, Trustworthy Software.

  • Inputs are collected from interested parties from industry, academia and governmental institutions. It is developed in concert with national and European research agenda (e.g. ECSO) and is structured following the European Joint Research Centre's taxonomy for Cybersecurity.
  • Research programs are continuously spun from strands of the roadmap, led by experts of their fields, and aim at generating concrete and transformative results.
  • SPARTA created four programs extracted from the SPARTA Roadmap at the beginning of the project and feeding it with new challenges and ideas.

Explore innovative work in full- spectrum situational awareness, with the goal of enabling the supervision of complex systems over heterogeneous time scales.

Investigate new avenues for continuous assessment and new evaluation tools and techniques for handling tomorrow's dynamic and elastic digital systems.

Develop a foundation for secure- by-design intelligent infrastructure built on strong formal approaches, addressing multiple cybersecurity facets.

Devise approaches to make systems using AI more reliable and resilient through enhanced explainability and better threat understanding.