All publicly available deliverables from SPARTA, approved and reviewed by the European Commission.


CCN governance and assessment

  • D1.1: Bootstrapping a CCN pilot
  • D1.2: Lessons learned from internally assessing a CCN pilot

Responsible innovation: ethical, legal and societal aspects

  • D2.1: Ethical legal and societal aspects
  • D2.2: First internal ELSA audit and supervision report

Roadmap design

  • D3.1: Initial SPARTA SRIA roadmap (v0.1)
  • D3.2: Updated SPARTA SRIA roadmap (v1)

CAPE program

  • D5.1: Assessment specifications and roadmap

HAII-T program

  • D6.1: Security by design framework for the intelligent infrastructure

Clustering plateforms and ecosystem activities

  • D8.1: Initial results of the clustering platforms and ecosystems activities

Cybersecurity training and awareness

  • D9.1: Cybersecurity skills framework

Sustainable exploitation and IPR

  • D10.1: Pre-existing components identification documentation
  • D10.3: Project results description documentation
  • D10.4: Sustainability and exploitation plan

Dissemination and communication

  • D12.1: Dissemination and communication plan, updates, and evalution
  • D12.2: Internal and external IT infrastructure and project website
  • D12.3: Updated dissemination and communication plan and evaluation (v1)